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June 17, 2011
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This is an ongoing project that is open to contributions.
Please read the description before critiquing or asking questions.

Generally Accepted Shipnames

Admireshipping - Kotsuzaka x Mokuba
Adoptshipping - Gozaburo x Seto
Adviseshipping - Priestess Aishizu x Mana
Agileshipping - Anzu x Vivian
Airshipping - Thief King Bakura x Priest Shaada
Akinshipping - Sugoroku x Ryouta
Anagramshipping - Priest Karim x Marik
Angelshipping - Rafael x Ryou
Angstshipping - Marik x Ryou
Anruishipping - Shaadi x Yuugi
Antagoshipping - Yami Bakura x Seto
Supreme Antagoshipping - S0 Kaiba x Yami Bakura
Apparishipping - Roba x Kotsuzaka
Apprenticeshipping - Mahaado x Mana
Aptshipping - Hiroto x Isis
Aquaintanceshipping - Hiroto x Roba
Ardentshipping - Hiroto x Shizuka
Argenshipping - Pegasus x Ryou
Arrogantshipping - Seto x Mai
Artichokeshipping - Yami Marik x Hiroto
Ateloshipping - Keith x Pegasus
Attachshipping - Kisara x Mokuba
Atticshipping - Ryou x Mana
Avishipping - Yami Yuugi x Isis
Aweshipping - Priest Mahaado x Isis
Axisshipping - Seto x Siegfried
Azureshipping - Seto x Anzu
Babbleshipping - Katsuya x Kisara
Bananashipping - Hiroto x Marik
Barbecueshipping - Hiroto x Ryouta
Barrenshipping - Pegasus x Cadeline
Bayshipping - Priest Set x Noa
Beehiveshipping - Mai x Rebecca
Behalfshipping - Roba x Ryou
Bereftshipping - Priest Set x Mana
Bittershipping - Pegasus x Hiroto
Bladeshipping - Pandora x Yuugi
Blameshipping - Possessed Katsuya x Anzu
Blankshipping - Katsuya x Shogo
Blessedshipping - Priest Mahaado x Shizuka
Blindshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Yuugi
Blockshipping - Hiroto x Mokuba
Bloodshipping - Yami Marik x Gozaburo
Blueshipping - Seto x Kisara
Bokushipping - Seto x Mana
Bondangeshipping - Yami Marik x Ryuuji
Bounceshipping - Ryou x Rebecca
Boundshipping - Thief King Bakura x Yuugi
Boxshipping - Mokuba x Anzu
Breathshipping - Shaadi x Cyndia
Bribeshipping - Mai x Ryuzaki
Bronzeshipping - Yami Marik x Marik
Brutalshipping - Keith x Ryuzaki
Buddyshipping - Hiroto x Katsuya
Cakeshipping - Cyndia x Mokuba
Cardshipping - Sugoroku x Yuugi
Carnivalshipping - Ryuuji x Roba
Casteshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Thief King Bakura
Cavaliershipping - Yami Yuugi x Rebecca
Ceaseshipping - Yami Marik x Miho
Chairoshipping - Varon x Mana
Challengeshipping - Siegfried x Ryuuji
Changeshipping - Ryuuji x Marik
Charmshipping - Shizuka x Mana
Chaseshipping - Hiroto x Ryuuji
Cheatshipping - Katsuya x Roba
Cheershipping - Ryuuji x Shizuka
Cherryshipping - Katsuya x Amane
Chibishipping - Yuugi x Mokuba
Chenquiehshipping - Kotsuzaka x Shaadi
Chuteshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Kisara
Citronshipping - Thief King Bakura x Marik
Clashshipping - Yami Marik x Yami Yuugi
Cliffshipping - Katsuya's Father x Katsuya
Cloudshipping - Noa x Shizuka
Clovershipping - Noa x Kisara
Coastershipping - Ryuzaki x Roba
Coerceshipping - Strings x Kotsuzaka
Coinshipping - Anzu x Miho
Conceitshipping - Yami Bakura x Mai
Conditionshipping - Gozaburo x Mokuba
Conquestshipping - Varon x Mai
Controlshipping - Marik x Noa
Corruptshipping - Thief King Bakura x Priest Set
Covershipping - Keith x Pandora
Creepshipping - Haga x Kotsuzaka
Crosshipping - Yami Marik x Yuugi
Crownshipping - Pegasus x Anzu
Crypticshipping - Shaadi x Rishid
Crystalshipping - Anzu x Mana
Cultshipping - Marik x Rare Hunter
Cuteshipping - Shizuka x Rebecca
Danceshipping - Mai x Anzu
Dangershipping - Yami Marik x Seto
Darkshipping - Yami Bakura x Yami Yuugi
Darksideshipping - Varon x Yami Yuugi
Dashshipping - Miho x Shizuka
Deathshipping - Yami Marik x Ryou
Dedicationshipping - Anzu x Rishid
Defershipping - Shaadi x Marik
Deishipping - Pegasus x Noa
Delusionshipping - Pandora x Cadeline
Depthshipping - Gozaburo x Pegasus
Devotionshipping - Katsuya x Anzu
Diceshipping - Yami Bakura x Ryuuji
Digshipping - Arthur x Ryou
Distrustshipping - Seto x Shaadi
Doodleshipping - Rebecca x Amane
Downshipping - Keith x Cyndia
Dragonshipping - Katsuya x Yami Yuugi
Dramashipping - Katsuya x Ryouta
Dripshipping - Ryouta x Anzu
Driveshipping - Marik x Mai
Droidshipping - Yami Yuugi x Strings
Dungeonshipping - Pegasus x Ryuuji
Duskshipping - Marik x Kisara
Dustshipping - Yami Marik x Cadeline
Dynamicshipping - Ryouta x Rebecca
Ecoshipping - Ryouta x Haga
Eldershipping - Sugoroku x Yami Yuugi
Eliteshipping - Keith x Seto
Enigmashipping - Priest Shaada x Shaadi
Envyshipping - Anzu x Rebecca
Eternityshipping - Priest Set x Jono
Euroshipping - Seto x Ryou
Executeshipping - Yami Marik x Shaadi
Exoticshipping - Yami Bakura x Isis
Eyeshipping - Yami Bakura x Pegasus
Fadeshipping - Yami Marik x Katsuya
Fairyshipping - Mokuba x Leonhart
Fallenshipping - Pandora x Marik
Falseshipping - Strings x Cadeline
Faltershipping - Kotsuzaka x Rebecca
Fameshipping - Ryuuji x Vivian
Fataleshipping - Mai x Vivian
Fateshipping - Raferu x Yami Yuugi
Fawnshipping - Pegasus x Haga
Fearshipping - Yami Marik x Isis
Fillershipping - Noa x Rebecca
Flippantshipping - Ryuuji x Mai
Flirtshipping - Pegasus x Mana
Floatshipping - Thief King Bakura x Priestess Aishizu
Flowshipping - Priestess Aishizu x Kisara
Fogshipping - Seto x Ryouta
Fontshipping - Marik x Ryouta
Foreignshipping - Leonhart x Rebecca
Foreshipping - Isis x Yuugi
Forgettableshipping - Yami Marik x Kisara
Forgiveshipping - Thief King Bakura x Shizuka
Forlornshipping - Pegasus x Pandora
Fossilshipping - Ryuzaki x Kotsuzaka
Fragileshipping - Yami Yuugi x Ryou
Frazzleshipping - Katsuya x Rebecca
Gainshipping - Yami Yuugi x Ryouta
Gameshipping - Yami Yuugi x Ryuuji
Gardenshipping - Siegfried x Isis
Geminishipping - Thief King Bakura x Yami Bakura
Gemshipping - Thief King Bakura x Ryou
Genesisshipping - Kul Elna Villiager x Kul Elna Villiager
Gentleshipping - Varon x Shizuka
Gingershipping - Keith x Shizuka
Glasshipping - Thief King Bakura x Shaadi
Glittershipping - Anzu x Kisara
Goldshipping - Mai x Mokuba
Gothshipping - Ryou x Kotsuzaka
Graceshipping - Ryou x Isis
Greedshipping - Ushio x Yuugi
Guardshipping - Seto x Isono
Guardianshipping - Rafael x Isis
Gypshipping - Katsuya x Ryuzaki
Hairshipping - Hiroto x Yami Yuugi
Halfshipping - Ryou x Miho
Hallucinoshipping - Pandora x Noa
Hateshipping - Yami Bakura x Pharaoh Atem
Hauntshipping - Yami Marik x Kotsuzaka
Hazeshipping - Ryouta x Ryou
Headdressshipping - Priest Set x Priest Mahaado
Heartshipping - Ryou x Yuugi
Hedgehogshipping - Ryouta x Yami Marik
Heroshipping - Magnum x Katsuya
Hideshipping - Pegasus x Yuugi
Hieroglyphshipping - Priest Set x Pegasus
Hostshipping - Ryou x Anzu
Hydrashipping - Ryouta x Ryuzaki
Identityshipping - Rishid x Ryou
Idolshipping - Keith x Kotsuzaka
Illusionshipping - Yami Marik x Mai
Immatureshipping - Katsuya x Noa
Imoutoshipping - Shizuka x Amane
Impulseshipping - Katsuya x Mana
Insightshipping - Priest Set x Isis
Intentshipping - Yami Bakura x Mokuba
Intimidashipping - Keith x Yuugi
Intrigueshipping - Priest Akhenaden x Priest Set
Invalidshipping - Shaadi x Ryou
Irateshipping - Marik x Katsuya
Jackalshipping - Shaadi x Katsuya
Jadeshipping - Ryuuji x Isis
Jeershipping - Varon x Katsuya
Jiishipping - Sugoroku x Arthur
Kamenshipping - Yami Kamen x HikariKamen
Kiddyshipping - Mokuba x Rebecca
Kleptoshipping - Yami Bakura x Yuugi
Labelshipping - Haga x Mokuba
Labyrinthshipping - Mei x Kyuu
Lackeyshipping - Croquet x Isono
Laddershipping - Yami Bakura x Zorc Necrophades
Lateshipping - Yami Bakura x Amane
Lavendershipping - Marik x Siegfried
Lawshipping - Priest Akhenaden x Priestess Aishizu
Leafshipping - Yami Yuugi x Ushio
Leathershipping - Keith x Yami Yuugi
Liberashipping - Marik x Yuugi
Lifeshipping - Amelda x Anzu
Lingershipping - Pharaoh Atem x Priestess Aishizu
Linkshipping - Priest Set x Yuugi
Loatheshipping - Thief King Bakura x Yami Yuugi
Logicshipping - Priest Set x Priestess Aishizu
Lonershipping - Thief King Bakura x Mai
Loquashipping - Kisara x Rebecca
Lovelessshipping - Dartz x Mokuba
Loyaltyshipping - Yami Yuugi x Mahaado
Mageshipping - Priest Mahaado x Ryou
Mahoshipping - Pandora x Roba
Manipulashipping - Marik x Anzu
Marbleshipping - Ryuzaki x Ryou
Marshipping - Rishid x Pegasus
Mastershipping - Seto x Ryuuji
Measureshipping - Priest Karim x Priest Shaada
Mechashipping - Keith x Roba
Meganeshipping - Haga x Rebecca
Mentorshipping - Sugoroku x Katsuya
Mercyshipping - Ryou x Cyndia
Midriffshipping - Marik x Amelda
Mindslaveshipping - Keith x Strings
Minokenshipping - Priest Set x Priest Karim
Minorshipping - Ryuuji x Ryou
Mintshipping - Roba x Haga
Mirrorshipping - Seto x Noa
Mischiefshipping - Thief King Bakura x Mana
Misguideshipping - Ryuuji x Rebecca
Mistakenshipping - Yuugi x Mana
Mistshipping - Ryouta x Ryuuji
Mizushipping - Priest Set x Kisara
Mnemoshipping - Yami Yuugi x Marik
Monarchshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Yami Yuugi
Moralshipping - Priest Mahaado x Anzu
Morishipping - Yami Bakura x Hiroto
Mysteryshipping - Shaadi x Amane
Mystshipping - Isis x Anzu
Mythshipping - Isis x Marik
Negateshipping - Yami Marik x Rishid
Nellshipping - Noa x Amane
Nightshipping - Yami Bakura x Kisara
Ninjashipping - Magnum x Mai
Nurseshipping - Mai x Shizuka
Obscureshipping - Shaadi x Isis
Occultshipping - Yami Bakura x Kotsuzaka
Offershipping - Ryuuji x Yuugi
Oliveshipping - Priest Karim x Rishid
Opticshipping - Pegasus x Shizuka
Oracleshipping - Isis x Rebecca
Orchidshipping - Cyndia x Ryuuji
Ordershipping - Marik x Possessed Katsuya
Orichalcosshipping - Orichalcos Yami Yuugi x Orichalcos Rafael
Otoutoshipping - Roba x Kyouto
Ouijashipping - Yami Marik x Amane
Outcastshipping - Thief King Bakura x Kisara
Overlookshipping - Roba x Mokuba
Paleshipping - Kisara x Amane
Parasiteshipping - Katsuya x Haga
Pardonshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Ryou
Passionshipping - Pegasus x Katsuya
Pastelshipping - Marik x Roba
Pastshipping - Marik x Namu
Peachshipping - Anzu x Yuugi
Pedocestshipping - Roba x Ryouri
Persevereshipping - Ryuuji x Anzu
Personashipping - Rishid x Seto
Pervadeshipping - Cyndia x Amane
Pervertshipping - Sugoroku x Anzu
Pestshipping - Haga x Anzu
Philtreshipping - Yami Bakura x Mana
Pixelshipping - Noa x Adina
Placateshipping - Ryou x Kisara
Platinumshipping - Pegasus x Kisara
Pleashipping - Priest Mahaado x Priestess Aishizu
Poemshipping - Yuugi x Miho
Polarshipping - Katsuya x Mai
Pompshipping - Seto x Miho
Possessedshipping - Possessed Katsuya x Possessed Anzu
Powershipping - Seto x Marik
Pressureshipping - Sakate x Kotsuzaka
Prideshipping - Seto x Yami Yuugi
Prodigyshipping - Seto x Rebecca
Prongshipping - Priest Set x Haga
Prophetshipping - Isis x Roba
Protectshipping - Hiroto x Ryou
Psycheshipping - Mai x Roba
Psychoshipping - Yami Marik x Yami Bakura
Puddleshipping - Ryouta x Kisara
Punchshipping - Thief King Bakura x Hiroto
Puffshipping - Katsuya x Ryou
Puppetshipping - Marik x Strings
Puppyshipping - Seto x Katsuya
Puzzleshipping - Yami Yuugi x Yuugi
Razorshipping - Pandora x Yami Yuugi
Reachshipping - Priest Karim x Priestess Aishizu
Redeemshipping - Pegasus x Yami Yuugi
Refineshipping - Pegasus x Mai
Reflectshipping - Rebecca x Vivian
Refuseshipping - Mr. Ishtar x Rishid
Regalshipping - Yami Yuugi x Mai
Relyshipping - Katsuya x Shizuka
Replayshipping - Yuugi x Rebecca
Rerunshipping - Yami Bakura x Noa
Rescueshipping - Kisara x Shizuka
Resistshipping - Yuugi x Shogo
Respectshipping - Yami Yuugi x Mokuba
Resurrectshipping - Cadeline x Cyndia
Revelationshipping - Seto x Priestess Aishizu
Revenantshipping - Yami Yuugi x Amane
Revertshipping - Priest Set x Katsuya
Revolutionshipping - Yami Yuugi x Anzu
Rewindshipping - Priest Set x Yami Yuugi
Ringshipping - Thief King Bakura x Mahaado
Ripshipping - Thief King Bakura x Isis
Riskshipping - Katsuya x Mokuba (A.K.A. Legendshipping)
Rivalshipping - Seto x Yuugi
Rodshipping - Priest Set x Marik
Roseshipping - Pegasus x Cyndia
Rougeshipping - Pegasus x Siegfried
Royalshipping - Priest Set x Anzu
Ruseshipping - Rishid x Marik
Sacrificeshipping - Amelda x Varon
Sailshipping - Ryouta x Mai
Scaleshipping - Shaadi x Priest Karim
Scandalshipping - Priest Set x Pharaoh Atem
Scarshipping - Thief King Bakura x Rishid
Screamshipping - Yami Bakura x Shizuka
Sealshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Mahaado
Secondshipping - Pegasus x Ryuzaki
Secretshipping - Shizuka x Ryuzaki
Sedateshipping - Marik x Shizuka
Seershipping - Priestess Aishizu x Isis
Sepulchershipping - Yami Bakura x Rishid
Serpentshipping - Yami Bakura x Dartz
Servantshipping - Yami Yuugi x Mana
Shadeshipping - Thief King Bakura x Amane
Shadowshipping - Yami Yuugi x Shizuka
Shakeshipping - Takaido x Kotsuzaka
Shimmershipping - Ryuuji x Mokuba
Shinshipping - Possessed Katsuya x Yami Yuugi
Shoreshipping - Ryouta x Shizuka
Shotshipping - Keith x Ryou
Shredshipping - Sugoroku x Kisara
Shrimpshipping - Ryuzaki x Haga
Siblingshipping - Mokuba x Shizuka
Sickleshipping - Yami Marik x Thief King Bakura
Sideshipping - Anzu x Shizuka
Sightshipping - Pegasus x Isis
Sigilshipping - Yami Marik x Dartz
Silentshipping - Seto x Shizuka
Silvershipping - Sugoroku x Pegasus
Sinistershipping - Dartz x Pegasus
Sinkshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Amane
Sirenshipping - Yami Marik x Priest Set
Slateshipping - Thief King Bakura x Anzu
Slaveshipping - Pegasus x Mokuba
Slickshipping - Priest Akhenaden x Thief King Bakura
Slipshipping - Katsuya x Miho
Slumbershipping - Ryou x Noa
Snareshipping - Katsuya x Ryuuji
Softshipping - Ryou x Shizuka
Soloshipping - Rishid x Mai
Sombershipping - Ryou x Amane
Sororshipping - Isis x Shizuka
Spaceshipping - Yami Marik x Shizuka
Sparkleshipping - Kisara x Mana
Spazzshipping - Yami Bakura x Katsuya
Spearshipping - Ryouta x Yuugi
Sphinxshipping - Yami Marik x Priestess Aishizu
Spikeshipping - Hiroto x Yuugi
Spoilshipping - Pegasus x Rebecca
Staffshipping - Marik x Mana
Stakeshipping - Keith x Mai
Standshipping - Rishid x Katsuya
Startleshipping - Keith x Anzu
Staticshipping - Possessed Katsuya x Pandora
Steelshipping - Keith x Yami Bakura
Stepshipping - Noa x Mokuba
Stifleshipping - Yami Marik x Noa
Stoicshipping - Priest Set x Seto
Stubbornshipping - Hiroto x Seto
Sugarshipping - Mokuba x Mana
Supplyshipping - Sugoroku x Gozaburo
Supportshipping - Hiroto x Anzu
Sweetshipping - Ryou x Mokuba
Swiftshipping - Katsuya x Isis
Switchshipping - Mokuba x Adina
Symbioshipping - Ryouta x Roba
Tabloidshipping - Seto x Mokuba
Taleshipping - Siegfried x Leonhart
Taphoshipping - Mr. Ishtar x Mrs. Ishtar
Tasselshipping - Seto x Roba
Tendershipping - Yami Bakura x Ryou
Thiefshipping - Yami Bakura x Marik
Thornshipping - Yami Marik x Anzu
Tieshipping - Hiroto x Miho
Timeshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Seto
Timidshipping - Yuugi x Shizuka
Tombshipping - Pegasus x Marik
Toonshipping - Pegasus x Seto
Toughshipping - Keith x Katsuya
Tourneyshipping - Yami Yuugi x Haga
Trackshipping - Yami Bakura x Shaadi
Tradeshipping - Sugoroku x Seto
Tragedyshipping - Marik x Amane
Trenchshipping - Hiroto x Haga
Tributeshipping - Priest Mahaado x Kisara
Trustshipping - Seto x Isis
Tuftshipping - Ryuzaki x Mokuba
Twistedshipping - Shaadi x Pegasus
Unlikelyshipping - Marik x Haga
Unlockshipping - Shaadi x Yami Yuugi
Vanishshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Anzu
Vaseshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Mana
Vassalshipping - Thief King Bakura x Dartz
Veershipping - Keith x Isis
Velcroshipping - Thief King Bakura x Haga
Vengeanceshipping - Keith x Marik
Vexshipping - Yami Bakura x Anzu
Vigilshipping - Mai x Ryou
Violetshipping - Ryuzaki x Miho
Virtualshipping - Gozaburo x Noa
Visionshipping - Mai x Isis
Vividshipping - Yuugi x Kisara
Vortexshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Priest Akhenaden
Wallshipping - Rishid x Shizuka
Warshipping - Seto x Amelda (A.K.A. Regretshipping)
Watchshipping - Katsuya x Priestess Aishizu
Whispershipping - Seto x Possessed Katsuya
Willowshipping - Arthur x Kisara
Wintershipping - Mokuba x Amane
Wishshipping - Katsuya x Yuugi
Wrapshipping - Thief King Bakura x Katsuya
Xenoshipping - Rishid x Isis
Yuujoshipping - Possessed Katsuya x Yuugi

Tentative Shipnames

by Starlit-Kaulitz
Atlantishipping - Dartz x Iona
Captureshipping - Possessed Anzu x Yami Yuugi
Elusionshipping - Thief King Bakura x Seto
Forbidshipping - Jono x Teana
Kidnapshipping - Possessed Anzu x Katsuya
Obeyshipping - Marik x Possessed Anzu
Returnshipping - Possessed Anzu x Yami Bakura
Ruinshipping - Possessed Anzu x Ryou
Sapphireshipping - Priest Set x Ryou
Sidelineshipping - Possessed Anzu x Yuugi
Soulshipping - Dartz x Yuugi
Standbyshipping - Seto x Possessed Anzu

By the-forgotten-one135 & SetsunaNoroi
Dollfaceshipping - Namu x White Wizard Bakura

By bakurasxUriko
Lustshipping - Yami Bakura x Namu

By Godess-Of-Darkness
Strongshipping - Rafael x Anzu

By Pikagirl541
Youthshipping - Noa x Mana

By Inutenshi-no-shi
Pactshipping - Zorc x Thief King Bakura
Omegashipping - Zorc x Pharaoh Atem
Revengeshipping - Zorc x Marik
Villainshipping - Zorc x Yami Marik

By murasaki-rose
Legendshipping - Dartz x Hanasaki

By die-einzelganger
Paternalshipping - Gozaburo x Isono

By AngelOfBeauty88
Heatshipping - Katsuya x Seigfried

By kitameguire
Zombieshipping - Kotsuzaka x Anzu

By livejournal/ members
Aquashipping - Ryouta x Noa
Aspireshipping - Yami Yuugi x Leonhart
Banditshipping - Thief King Bakura x Keith
Citizenshipping - Keith x Bee Boy
Consumeshipping - Dartz x Seto
Crashshipping - Mai x Kisara
Crusadeshipping - Rafael x Dartz
Doctorshipping - Priest Shaada x Mana
Giantshipping - Rafael x Rebecca
Inductshipping - Dartz x Mai
Mysticshipping - Dartz x Isis
Oasisshipping - Amelda x Yuugi
Officeshipping - Keith x Isono
Patternshipping - Priest Shaada x Priest Mahaado
Pharaohshipping - Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen x Pharaoh Atem
Pinkshipping - Siegfried x Amelda
Proxyshipping - Ryou x Zorc Necrophades
Purposeshipping - Dartz x Yami Yuugi
Smirkshipping - Siegfried x Yami Yuugi
Storyshipping - Leonhart x Chris
Sympathyshipping - Amelda x Mokuba

Shippings involving Duel Monsters

Akashipping - Katsuya x Red Eyes Black Dragon
Avatarshipping - White Wizard Bakura x Change of Heart
Burstshipping - Kaiba x Blue Eyes White Dragon
Crisisshipping - Zorc x Great Leviathan
Curtainshipping - Pandora x Black Magician
Dollshipping - Yami Bakura x Dark Necrofear
Eldritchshipping - Zorc Necrophades x Horakhty
Enchantshipping - Hiroto x Black Magician Girl
Godshipping - Yuugi x Sky Dragon of Osiris
Hostageshipping - Seto x Witty Phantom
Jinxshipping - Yami Bakura x Black Magician Girl
Jointshipping - Yami Marik x Black Magician Girl
Kashipping - Diabound x Blue Eyes White Dragon
Knotshipping - Celtic Guardian x Black Magician Girl
Loyalshipping - Yuugi x Black Magician
Magicshipping - Black Magician x Black Magician Girl
Messiahshipping - Pharaoh Atem x Horakhty
Onyxshipping - Magician of Black Chaos x Black Magician
Renegadeshipping - Thief King Bakura x Diabound
Scornshipping - Seto x Black Magician
Skepticshipping - Seto x Black Magician Girl
Stageshipping - Anzu x Black Magician Girl

by Starlit-Kaulitz
Furshipping - Kuriboh x Watapon

by DeviantDragoness
Furballshipping - Kuriboh x Scapegoat (A.K.A. Fuzzshipping)
Tabletshipping - Osiris x Obelisk

By DontPanicButterKnife & WinterHitomiDrawer
Usedshipping - Wicked Avatar x Yuugi
Wickedshipping - Wicked Avatar x Yami Yuugi
*see the description for a visual reference*

by SamCyberCat
Beastieshipping - Osiris x Ra
Chimerashipping - Gazelle x Berfomet
Corrosionshipping - Red Eyes Darkness Dragon x Cyber Dragon
Elementalshipping - Elemental Hero x Elemental Hero
Elfshipping - Celtic Guardian x Mystical Elf
Enchantressshipping - Black Magician Girl x Magician's Valkyria
Eternalshipping - Blue Eyes White Dragon x Black Magician
Flareshipping - Black Magician x Flame Swordsman
Joanshipping - Marie the Fallen One x The Forgiving Maiden
Kurishipping - Hane Kuriboh x Kuriboh
Ozshipping - Big Koala x Des Kangaroo
Paladinshipping - Black Magician x Buster Blader
Platoshipping - Timaeus x Critias
Sorcerershipping - Black Magician x Sorcerer of Black Magician
Spellshipping - Magician's Valkyria x Sorcerer of Black Magician
Thousandshipping - Time Wizard x Baby Dragon
Wyvernshipping - Blue Eyes White Dragon x Red Eyes Black Dragon

By livejournal members
Disbeliefshipping - Seto x Critias (seeking a better name)
Safeshipping - Katsuya x Helmos
Treasureshipping - Yuugi x Timaeus
Valiantshipping - Yami Yuugi x Timaeus

NOTE! due to constant updates and numerous sources, there may be duplicate pairings, i.e. the same pairing under more than one name. if you see this please bring it to my attention and I will find out which of the multiple names is more widely accepted.
Alright fangirls (and boys) LISTEN UP!
I don't know about you but I'm tired of looking over the "Master Yu-Gi-Oh! Shipping List" and seeing all those polygamous couples. I understand love triangles and MAYBE the occassional threesome, but 4+ people in a pairing is just ridiculous. It's called a pairing for a reason. This list was created to reflect every Yu-Gi-Oh! 'shipping' that involves two characters only.

Character names are in their Japanese format. Use CTRL+F and type the character's name. If it doesn't show up, try all possible spellings as there is often confusion in translation and I may not have spelled it the way you're used to! If it still does not show up, please post a comment and I will see to your concern!

You may suggest additions to this list! In fact, I encourage it! There are a lot that I have missed and I want it to be as complete as possible!
- If the shipname you suggest is commonly accepted, please say so. It will be placed in the main list and you will be credited below.
- If the shipname you suggest is new / self-made / tentative, it will be included in the subsection below the main list and you will be credited there.
- Don't be shy, submit! Our goal is to include EVERY possible pairing from the original Yu-Gi-Oh series!


* This list does not and will not include ships with inanimate objects (Lampshipping, Drinkshipping, etc).
* This list does not and will not include ships with OCs
* This list is for Yu-Gi-Oh! "Season Zero" and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ONLY.
* After some debate, I have chosen to include nameless minor characters.
* While I do credit where names were found, I do not keep a list of who specifically coined each name.
* I do not know where the practice of creating shipnames originated, nor who started doing it for Yu-Gi-Oh!
* ???
* Profit

If you need to express a question or concern, do so in the comments and I will get back to you ^^

All characters (c) Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi

This list is for FAN purposes only! We are not claiming ownership over the characters nor are we profiting from this in any way. We are not threatening ownership of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series nor intending harm on its creator(s).

Inspired by [link] . Content also taken from [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , and various dA accounts.
Edited and reposted to taste by ~starlit-kaulitz

6/17/11 - List was born
[date not recorded] - We have our first Duel Monster shipping ^^ can someone help by digging up human x duel monster pairings?
7/3/11 - added a handful of human x DM shipnames and a couple with Zorc. how'd i miss those?
7/3/11 (2) - added a ton of new names (most of them involved Dartz for some reason) & rearranged the list a bit. also got bored & made up a bunch of names for pairings involving Possessed Anzu because even though I don't like her there were a bunch for Possessed Katsuya so I thought I'd even it out.
7/7/11 - added new Duel Monster shipnames and rearranged that section of the list.
8/3/11 - added a whole bunch of new shipnames, a new credited source in the description, and fixed a few duplicates / misspellings / conflicting entries ^_^
[date not recorded] - Important I've changed the name from "Compacted" to "Monogamous" as I feel it is a more accurate representation of what I'm trying to accomplish.
9/26/11 - Spreading the word! I've added the list to about five more groups and have been posting around dA to draw attention to it. Also, added seven new pairings and one new contributor.
10/14/11 - Due to popular request, I've changed the terms "canon" and "fanon" to "generally accepted" and "tentative" respectfully. We as a community understand that the names are, technically, all fanon, but complaints were still arising so I hope this compromise is acceptable. I've classified this as a major update as I would like feedback on the matter, particularly in response to the newly-classified "tentative" names, as I on my own cannot determine which are widely-accepted. I look forward to hearing from you ^^
12/30/11 - Our last update of the year, a visual representation of the Wicked Avatar for shippings involving it [link]
05Feb13 - I'm not dead! Misc small updates have been made in the past year+ but nothing important enough to report. Added more names today and gave the Q&A a much needed update (while simultaneously changing it to FAQ because listing in question/answer format was annoying me). Also reorganised the list a bit and went through old comments to find a few I had missed. Thanks again to all readers, submitters, and shippers alike!

Let me just say I love how much attention this is getting. Thank you to everyone who has +faved this so far. It makes my efforts all worthwhile. You are encouraged to spread the word so that this list might become as popular and complete as possible! :huggle:
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Phoenix-Horizons Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You know, In my eyes Most of the Mahad/Mahado pairings are ridiculous...Especially Headressshipping...
NicaRox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hmm, do you have GX, 5DS, Zexel and Arc V shipping names?
Phoenix-Horizons Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I think this is just for Yugioh/Yuugiou Duel Monsters 
lullalay Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
time well spent
KunYKA Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Isnt Tributeshipping=Eternalshipping and Blueshipping=Burstshipping?!

My ideas
Darkkingdomshipping(YamiYugixDarknessDragon)Midnightdawnshipping(KaitoxDarknessDragon)Darkmagicshipping(MahadoxDarknessDragon)Obsessionshipping(SetoxRukia)Sunriseshipping(LightDragonxAFD)Walsshipping(SetoxJuvia)Contestshipping(GrayxKisara)Waterworldshipping(RyogaxWaterDragon)Brightdayshipping(LightDragonxKisara)Defenceshipping(QuintonxEarthDragon)Whiteshipping(SetoxSodenoSirayuki)Galaxyskyshipping(KaitoxGEPD(if GEPD is girl))Windblowingshipping(Stardust(I think Stardust is guy)xAFD))Dawnshipping(WDRxKisara)Blossomshipping(ByakuyaxAki)Petalshipping(ByakuyaxBRD(i think BRD is girl))Darknessfateshipping(YamiMarikxYamiRukia)Destinyshipping(KaitoxMenina)Lightworldshipping(Leo(Lion from 5D)xAFD))Youthshipping(AirDragonxMana)Destroyershipping(FireDragonxKisara)Destructivebattleshipping(ZorcxKisara)(i know that this couple is so weird but are you remember how Kisara defeated Mahado?)Blindshipping(WDRxMai)Clevershipping(AstralxKotori)Necromanceshipping(YamiBakuraxAnastasia)Nightshipping(RaelagxIshizu)Richfamilyshipping(SetoxLucy)Sharkshipping(RyogaxHalibell)Spiritshipping(AstralxKisara)Adventureshipping(YamiBakuraxYouroichi)Puredragonshipping(HyorinmaruxKisara)Cyborgshipping(BG9xAnna)Bedroomshipping(StarkxShizuka)Sakurashipping(ByakuyaxKisara)Illusionshipping(AizenxAki)Zombiekingdomshipping(YamiBakuraxJizelle)Crazyshipping(YamiMarikxBambietta)Gardenshipping(ByakuyaxAFD)Felineshipping(GrimmjowxKathie)Alteregoshipping(HichigoxKisara)Ressurectshipping(IchigoxKisara)Waterfallshipping(ToshiroxRio)Violetshipping(YugixDarknessDragon)
JackiaFrost Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student Artist
Does anyone know the one for Mokuba X Rebecca? And I know it's on here somewhere but for some reason I can't find it: Yugi X Anzu?
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Mokuba x Rebecca = Kiddyshipping.  Yuugi x Anzu = Peachshipping :)
JackiaFrost Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Student Artist
Yay! Thank you so much. :D
RyokaBakara Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Some of these shippings are ether disgesting or make no fucking sense at all
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
yeah, but this is just a list of everything *possible*.  Doesn't mean they should ever happen.
RyokaBakara Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Ok it was just my opinion but give me a break like how it red eyesxJonnochi or blue eyesxSeto going to work
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Technically Blue Eyes x Seto is canon because of Kisara but *shrugs* idk people can do anything with their imagination
RyokaBakara Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Ture I guess some people have very wild imagination ^_^ am I right
7eye-Reef Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this is relevant to my interests....
LuckyKoneko Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
can you add Loyalshipping (Yugi + Dark Magician)? I noticed it isn't there yet.
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
You are correct, thank you!  I will add it now :3
LuckyKoneko Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yay! thanks!
also, I came up with a really weird Duel Monster shipping: Osiris x Diabound. I want to call it Serpentshipping, but I'm not sure if that name is already in use.. can you check?
Ryo201 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
needs kingcrab
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
This list does not include characters from GX, 5Ds, ZeXal, or any of the other spinoffs.
Ryo201 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
oh k
YuGiOh-is-awesome Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Pharoah Atem x Anzu

What's the name?!
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
YuGiOh-is-awesome Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thank you!
MissMetalMosher Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know this is the list for the Season Zero and Original Yu-Gi-Oh!, but does anyone know where I can find a list for GX and 5D's and/or Crossover Shippings? I have started writing one pairing with a Crossover and would like to know if that pairing does exist :D
MissMetalMosher Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for this, I definitely needed this info!
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
You're very welcome!  Glad there are still people out there using this!
MissMetalMosher Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm actually still trying to learn all the shippings, but this was a definite score to put up :)
silverlunawolf6 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Question: Does Sanityshipping count? It is Yami x Season Zero Yami, so I'm not sure due to them being in technically seperate shows.
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
Sure! I can accept S0/DM crossovers ^_^
OMG thank you so much. I hate it when I don't know what pairings I'm dealing with and end up reading Yaoi...(I don't hate it but I'm not a fan either...)
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
You're very welcome! I've gotten p sick of nothing but yaoi as well so it's nice to have a quick reference for new pairings!
Yep! On fanfiction(dot)net there are so many yaoi fanfictions...I'm writing one non-romance one but I wanted to include mostly canon pairing so I needed the names
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
Glad I could be of assistance ^^
sorachibbi56245624 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
why does no one have Kotsuzaka x Jounouchi?!?
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
it must not have a name yet. want to suggest one? :33
sorachibbi56245624 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
lol because I have nothing better to call it... ZOMBIESHIPPING!!!! ^_^
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
I think that might already be the name of another ship but I'll certainly look into it!
sorachibbi56245624 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student General Artist
ok I know! zumpyshipping! lol I combined zombie and puppy for the name!
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
XD very cute
sorachibbi56245624 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Ok! You like it, so that is its name as now!
sorachibbi56245624 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student General Artist
oh yah, that's Kotsuzaka x Anzu
starlit-kaulitz Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Heh.. you beat me to it!
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